a free phygital event 14 - 24 October 2021

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what is fak'ugesi?

2021 Theme

You’ve been brave.
You’ve tapped local culture and taken ownership of your creative capital.
You’ve identified your source code and powered up your resolution.

So, in 2021, it’s time:
It's time to build something.
Build for today. Build for tomorrow.
Build African and build global.
Build for the challenge. Build for the reward.
Build what’s yours. Build because you want to.
Build because you have to.
Build together.
Build because you can.

Fak’ugesi is about bringing industry and creators together to celebrate how technology enables creativity, zooming in on the ways this relationship shapes our lives. Across our 6 themes of digital music, digital art, immersive media (AR, VR & IR), gaming, animation and making (robotics and the internet of things) — the 2021 festival will explore what building means now for creatives using tech, from no code solutions and virtual goods to collaboration and the new creator economy.

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